Suppose design officeによる、敷地にそっと屋根をかけたような水辺とともに暮らす住居「桧原の家」

谷尻誠、吉田愛率いるSuppose design officeが設計した、福岡県の貯水池の畔の住宅「桧原の家」を紹介します。斜めに傾斜した堤防のような敷地に対し、そのまま屋根をかけたような建物から、切り取られた水辺の風景がのぞく贅沢に自然を取り込んだ住宅です。

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House in Hibaru

Fukuoka, Japan
Main use : House
Site area:259.85m2
Construction area : 104.94m2
Total floor area:111.85m2

House in Hibaru by Makoto Tanijiri + Ai Yoshida / Suppose design office

To put a light roof above the site.

We would like to make a place, such as that enable to see the scenery of the water side with relaxing with the multiple experience in our life, by simple process.

To make a living place for a family in the sloping land where faced a reservoir in Fukuoka.

Trees and flowers are grown well, and various creatures peek out from the shore.

The site make us feeling the richness and comfortableness of nature.

The roof makes various places, and people feel the difference between closing and opening depends on where they are.

The character of the site such as the slope and the roof make multiple living places in the site.

Once entered the house, the first thing you see is a semi-closed hall, but if you take a few steps further you can catch a glimps of the beautiful lake framed by the roof. With moving to the side of the shore at downstairs, the scenery and the atmosphere change. You feel like in a quiet space such as a small lodge on a field, or a calm place like at a bench along the shore.

The space on the vacant land is defined by the roof, and not by the walls. The glass between the roof and the ground transforms the place from outside to inside, an inside that is sensitive to the changes of the environment. Then, the architecture will assimilate the environment.

We are interest in Boundary line between architecture and environment.

We try to think an architecture as a simple gesture that generates a complexity in terms of spatial perception.

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posted by Shin Yamashita.