カラーとサイズ展開。ホワイト、ダークブルー、レッドの3色とSERIF(40inch)、SERIF Medium(32inch)、SERIF Mini(24inch)の3サイズです。SERIFとSERIF Mediumの下部には同梱の脚を装着することが出来ます。

TVの起動時に現れるCurtain Mode。昨今のTVのように企業ロゴが大きく映し出されることはなく、カーテンのような優しい画像と時計が暖かく視聴者を迎え入れます。





SERIF by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec x SAMSUNG

SERIF is a television that moves away from a preoccupation with ultra-flat screens. Instead, it is an object that can be turned around and manipulated. It can stand anywhere, even on the floor with its own legs. What we were looking for was a solid presence that would sit naturally in various environments, just like an object or a piece of furniture.

In profile, it forms a clear capital “I” shape, its slim body broadening to form a surface like a little shelf at the top.

We also designed the interface inside SERIF.

SERIF comes in 3 sizes, SERIF Medium and SERIF Mini.

SERIF and SERIF Medium come with optional feet (that are included in the box).

3 colors are proposed, white, dark blue and red.
SERIF will be available in stores from 2nd November 2015.

If you need more information, please check here.

Posted by Shin Yamashita.